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Spatial planning - sustainable development and other provisions. Law 14/12/2016 21/12/2016 Ministry of Enviroment and Energy Completion
ΦΕΚ: 241 A'/23.12.2016
Bankruptcy Code, Administrative Justice, Duties - Fees, Voluntary disclosure of undeclared income,... Law 12/12/2016 21/12/2016 Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Completion
ΦΕΚ: 240 A'/22.12.2016
National Mechanism for the Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Integration and... Law 08/12/2016 15/12/2016 Μinistry of Labour, Social Security and (Social) Solidarity Completion
ΦΕΚ: 236 A'/19.12.2016
Simplification of business start-up procedures, removal of regulatory barriers to competition and... Law 25/11/2016 29/11/2016 Completion
ΦΕΚ: 227 A'/06.12.2016
New institutional framework for economic activity and other provisions. Law 24/11/2016 30/11/2016 Completion
ΦΕΚ: 230 A'/07.12.2016
Unified Mobility System in Public Administration and Local Government, obligations of persons... Law 18/11/2016 25/11/2016 Completion
ΦΕΚ: 224 A'/02.12.2016
Incorporation to the Hellenic legislation of Directive 2014/94/EU of the European Parliament and... Law 16/11/2016 24/11/2016 Completion
ΦΕΚ: 222 A'/30.11.2016
Harmonization of the Hellenic legislation to Directive 2014/17/EU of the European Parliament and... Law 11/11/2016 23/11/2016 Ministry of Finance Completion
ΦΕΚ: 220 A'/28.11.2016
I) Incorporation to the Hellenic legislation of Directive 2000/43/EC implementing the principle of... Law 09/11/2016 02/12/2016 Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Completion
ΦΕΚ: 232 Α'/09.12.2016
Ratification of the Amendment No 2 to the Administrative Agreement between the Ministry of Defence... Int’l Convention 24/10/2016 10/11/2016 Ministry of National Defence Completion
ΦΕΚ: 214 Α'/17.11.2016
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